Microsoft Release MS-DOS Source Code

Microsoft is working with the Computer History Museum and made ??decision that previous programmers never thought of before, Releasing the MS-DOS operating system and Word for Windows applications. Both can be downloaded for free on the Computer History Museum’s site.

The source code of MS DOS 1.1 and 2.0 are available in the Computer History Museum website and can be downloaded for free. Meanwhile , Both MS DOS 1.1, 2.0 and Microsoft Word for Windows 1.1a is published by a non-commercial license, which prohibits users re-publish it on the internet .

Roy Levin, a programmer at Microsoft and Director of Microsoft Research, said Microsoft’s move to publicize the MS – ??DOS and Word for Windows is to show the world that great things start
from small things .

“It’s mind-boggling to think of the growth from those days when Microsoft had under 100 employees and a Microsoft product (MS-DOS) had less than 300KB (yes, kilobytes) of source code
“Levin said as quoted by PC World , Tuesday(March 25, 2014) .

“From those roots we’ve grown in a few short decades to become a company that has sold more than 200 million licenses of Windows 8 and has over 1 billion people using Microsoft Office.” he added .

Levin also said that the next great product of Microsoft could be in the form of something small and trivial, such as MS-DOS and Word for Windows.

“Thanks to the Computer History Museum, these important pieces of source code will be preserved and made available to the community for historical and technical scholarship,” Levin added.

The history of MS-DOS can not be separated from the IBM PC. At that time (1980), Microsoft’s use the OS that purchased from Seattle Computer Products as a material to make its own OS, PC-DOS.

PC-DOS version 1.0 is released at the same period as IBM launched its first PC in August 1981. Meanwhile, the 2.0 version was released in at the same time with the IBM PC-XT in March 1983. After that, Microsoft later licensed the OS to OEMs under the name MS-DOS.

As for Microsoft Word for Windows, Which was released in 1989, Is actually a renewal of Word for DOS which began shipping in 1983.

Kaveri, AMD’s Most Sophisticated APU Processors

AMD KaveriAMD announced its latest APU processors at CES 2014. Carrying the code Kaveri, The APU’s equipped with a myriad of new features that make it arguably today’s most sophisticated APU.

Kaveri has been supporting Heterogeneous Systems Architecture(HSA) technology that allows the CPU and GPU to be able to share the workload. Due to this HSA technology, Both the CPU and GPU will be able to help each workload receives in parallel.

The performance of AMD Kaveri is increased significantly when compared to previous generation of AMD APU.

Kaveri's performance
Proceed to its graphical sector, The Radeon chip sets in it has relied on Graphics Core Next (GCN) technology. GCN’s technology previously found only in the mid to high-end version of AMD’s graphics cards

Due to GCN technology, Combined with the AMD Mantle API(Application Programming Interface), Graphics chip performance is claimed to be far more optimal. The performance is high when we’re running game that has also been optimized with AMD Mantle.

With this combination AMD Kaveri is capable of thrusting performance up to 856 GFLOPS. Another great feature, AMD also includes True Audio feature that is claimed to make the audio sound in the game feel more alive.

Kaveri comes in two variants via the A10-7700K and A10-7850K. A10-7850K as the highest equipped with 3.7 GHz clock speeds, Up to 4 GHz (in Turbo mode). The power consumption is fairly reasonable it use 95 watts


Hotmail Officially Closed

Hotmail closedMicrosoft’s email service, Hotmail is officially closed. Instead, Microsoft is preparing a similar service for hundreds of millions of it’s free email users.

Hotmail is one of the web-based email services that are quite popular. Until now the free email has at least 300 million active user worldwide.

However, due to various considerations, Microsoft decided to no longer provide that service. Instead users ‘forced’ to switch to who also provide similar services.

“We believe that they will be more like this (outlook-red) compared to Hotmail,” said Dick Craddock, Program Manager for

Compared to Hotmail, Outlook does offer a more fresh and better protection systems. It already using two-way authentication.

In addition, Outlook also been connected with SkyDrive to store data, and Skype for video calls or telephone calls over the internet.

Until now, Microsoft is working on the transfer of data from Hotmail to Outlook. For a while Hotmail users can still access their accounts as usual, it’s just added the option to turn into Outlook in it.

“To provide the best experience in Outlook, this time we’re focusing on the process of upgrading,” said Craddock, through Microsoft’s official blog

Direct Conversations with Skype from Your Outlook Inbox

Skype on Outlook

London – Skype audio and video calling Functions will be presented at Thus, users can instantly have a conversations via Skype VoIP service directly in their Outlook inbox.

“We all face situations that make conversations easier through a service. Sometimes a quick call more help than a long email reply,” says Simon Longbottom, Senior Director of Skype Product Marketing.

Reported by Mashable, Tuesday (April 30, 2013), for the moment, the service is only available in the UK. Availability will be expanded to the United States and Germany in the next few weeks, and globally within a few months.

Users who are interested in this service should download a plugin in their browser, and then connect Skype to using their Microsoft account.

To use Skype, users only need to click the button audio or video call in IM conversations, or on top of your friends contact details in mail conversation.

Internet Explorer 10 Preview for Windows 7 Now Available

Internet Explorer 10Microsoft released a preview version of the newest browser for Windows 7. Preview of Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 can be downloaded on the Microsoft website today. The release is on schedule, Microsoft previously said that IE10 Preview version for Windows 7 will be released in mid-November.

IE10 is rumored to have the ability to process web pages faster and smoother than its predecessor, but for Windows 7 users will likely feel some limitations. This is because Microsoft designed the IE10 to use on tablet PCs, or other devices that use touch screen. While only a few Windows 7 based PCs that have a thoose technologies.

One advantage of IE10 is while you’re reading an article on a website, you can swipe to change the page, rather than you have to scroll and click on a link as was done previously. For that reason, Microsoft released a preview of it, so that website developers can optimize their websites look when accessed using a browser.

Microsoft expects to increase the number of IE10 users, After all of this time it can only be overshadowed by Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari as the most widely used browser in the market.

Saving Gmail Attachments Directly to Google Drive

Google DriveGoogle Drive is a cloud storage service from Google. Google Drive also provides 5 GB of storage space for free. You can use the service to store files in the attachment directly to your Gmail account.

Unfortunately, saving a file attachment in Gmail can not be done directly without These following steps. There are specific steps you need to do. Quite troublesome indeed, it would be easier if these services can be enjoyed by users of Gmail accounts directly. However, fortunately the steps are not too difficult. Want to know how? Here are the steps.

1. This tip only applies to users of the Google Chrome browser. You also are required to download the Chrome extension called Gmail Attachments to Drive. To download the extension of this one, you can click this link. This extension is not too big in size. So you do not have to worry about your internet quota exhausted after downloading the extension.

2. Next, You need to install the extension. If the installation is successful, it will display a notification as shown below.

Drive notification

3.Make sure your Gmail account is using the default view. If the installation is successful, it will display “Save to Drive” bellow your attachment file. If it’s still not showing up, You’ll need to refresh your browser.



WordPress Basic Security That You Should Know

Wordpress basicWordPress is undeniable the most widely used CMS, both for organizations and individuals. Along with its popularity, the more people are trying to find the weakness of this engine, like a tree the higher the faster the wind. Here are some tips to enhance WordPress security that must be known by web developer who use WordPress as a Content Management System.

User Administrator / Admin
By default after installing WordPress, we will get the admin username. Never use the admin username, change the admin username with another username, such as your name combined with figures. Most of WordPress user piracy cases is by abusing the admin username with brute force method.

Logically hacker is more difficult to break your WordPress if they have to guess the username and password, while if you use the user admin username hacker just need to guess the password you use.

Protect your wp-admin folder
Wp-admin folder is also a dangerous point that often used by attackers to infiltrate into your website. -Scrutinize it-! how? here a little more step, but it will not take 5 minutes to do so.

create a file. htacess containing the IP settings that restrict how it can access wp-admin directory, The setting as follows:

order deny, allow
deny from all
# Allow my work IP address
allow from

This Htaccess example script is allowing and IP addresses to access wp-admin folder. Most of us are internet users with dynamic IP, should we change the IP address every time you want to access the wp-admin? the answer is Yes. To change this htaccess you can use SFTP. Or you can use other security methods such as ApachePassword Protect.

Use SSH or SFTP instead of FTP
The reason is simple with SFTP data transfer will be encrypted, while FTP is not encrypted and how to use FTP and SFTP are relatively equal.

Make index.html
This simple step is powerful enough to protect a specific folder so it’s not browse-able. create a file index.html with contents up to you, for example, contains the sentence: directory access is forbidden. then save it to the plugin folder and other folders. Remember one of hacking step is to do profiling, to find out which plugins you are using, to gather information that can be used to find the weaknesses of your website.

How To Detect If Your Computer Has Been Infected With DNS Changer

DNS changer

DNSChanger virus spread quickly to millions of computers with internet connection. Here are tips to find out if your computer is infected with this virus or not.

DNSChanger can indeed be categorized as one of the dangerous virus. This virus taking advantage of a user while they are browsing, this virus has landed in more than 4 million computers in 11 countries. with the largest spread is in the United States

Well, it turns out there is a fairly easy way to tell if your computer is infected with DNSChanger or not. Ie, using a special website created by the working group DNS Changer. The trick?

Open a web browser (eg Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari) and then access any of the sites below.

If the test result is green, then your computer is normal. But if the result is red, then the DNS server settings of your computer or broadband router are directed to a malicious server.

So what if the result is ‘positive’? Computer or router DNSChanger infected can be cured by the following ways:

1. It is recommended to restore the infected computer’s DNS settings to get the old settings automatically. Please contact your ISP or your office IT admin for help.

2. If the computer is infected with DNSChanger malware try not to update the system software and security database.

To clean the virus is Windows and Mac users can use the most updated antivirus application, either free or paid version.

3. After cleaning, use another test method above to make sure whether the DNS server setting is normal or not.

Broadband Router
Advised to follow the documentation provided by the vendor to reset the DNS server settings and change the default password admin.

Sneak peek Office 15 on Windows 8

Microsoft has just launched a video preview of its Windows 8 ARM promised to be launched later this year. In the video there is also a technical preview of Office 15 applications, namely Word, Excel, Power Point and OneNote that will be in Windows 8.

Although the Office 15 preview shown is the desktop version yet seen a big change in terms of design than previous versions, this application has the feel and the look of Metro. With more white space and fewer lines in an effort to focus more on content. Besides the ‘Ribbon’ which is the typical Microsoft Office is also no longer visible.

So far Microsoft has not provided details of whether Office 15 will be in the bundle together with Windows 8 ARM or included in the Metro user interface optimized for tablets.

Here are some of the views of Word, Excel, Power Point and OneNote in Office 15 preview:

Office 15 preview

Open WebOS 1.0 Coming In September

After December 2011, HP announced that its WebOS operating system will be open source, today HP announced the details of when and how the developers will get access to the new operating system code.

Reported by TheVerge on Thursday (Jan 25) the company expects the entire process of open sourcing will be completed in September under the name Open WebOS 1.0, while the application framework code Enyo, the underlying operating system WebOS 3.0 on the TouchPad itself has been released to developers began today.

HP plans to release updates to Open WebOS every month till the next 6-7 months until the operating system will be ready to launch in nine months. Greatest changes in the Open WebOS is using the standard Linux kernel in total, making it much easier to adapt to different hardware.
Open WebOS
In addition WebOS will also use the Apache 2.0 license to facilitate and simplify the development and dissemination to third parties. According to HP, Apache provides a legal framework that balances between innovation and reliable user experience, according to HP’s vision for WebOS.

Open the first WebOS version will be available to developers who are using the HP TouchPad in coming months, while for the user begins to use after its official release. HP also said that the Open WebOS will also be compatible with all devices based on WebOS, including older HP products.