How to recover whatsapp deleted conversations on Android and iOS

Whatsapp RecoveryThrow the first stone who never deleted an important WhatsApp message without meaning to. While the app does not have a “trash can” in which deleted conversations are still available, there are fairly simple ways to retrieve your precious chats if you’re using an Android or iOS device.

The task is easier on the Apple operating system. All you have to do is open in the application, visit the “Settings” window, touch the “Conversations and Connections” option and enter the “Conversations Backup” page. Here the user can back up their entire message history, as well as schedule the creation of automatic backups.

These files are stored in your iCloud account and can be recovered as soon as you reinstall WhatsApp. That way, if you want to recover some conversation that you accidentally deleted, simply uninstall the program and download it again through the App Store.

And the green robot?
Already in Android things are more difficult. The WhatsApp OS version saves backups of your conversations periodically by keeping them stored in the internal memory or SD card of your mobile device (depending on your device settings). However, when reinstalling it, only a backup of the last 24 hours is recovered.

But with a simple trick, you’ll be able to get back to conversations older than that. You need to download and install some file manager on your gadget, if it does not have one natively. We recommend free solutions like Whatsapp Recovery software, which are very easy to use. Continue reading How to recover whatsapp deleted conversations on Android and iOS

[30% OFF] BigAnt Office Messenger Review & Coupon Code

bigantThe BigAnt Office Messenger is an instant messenger much like MSN and Skype, but with the difference that it was developed for internal use of companies and offices that require communication among their employees.

When installing the BigAnt Office Messenger software, you choose which computer should be the server, ie, what is the highest hierarchical level and thus can control the actions and accounts of all users. The other computers must have the client installed to use the messenger.

The file you download from the link above is compressed and contains both the server ( “Server”) and the client (“Client”). Install the “Server” file in the main machine, preferably one with more power, and the “Client” on the other computers that must be integrated into the network. Then start the Server settings.

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Top 10 Tools to Free up hard drive space of your Windows or Mac Computer

cleanerIf your computer no longer yields as much as before and has slowly perhaps the problem is the number of files that are in the system without receiving new accesses. To keep your computer optimized and free of these types of “digital junk” there are dozens of applications. We separated some that can help you optimize your PC or Mac; see the list to manage and optimize HDD space.

MacBooster is a mac cleaner software that allows you to make various security tasks, maintenance and cleaning on the Mac. With it you can remove waste, improve performance, increase startup speed and delete files permanently. You can also find duplicate files, remove malware, and free up disk space or computer memory.

Uninstall applications correctly using AppZapper on Mac. With it, any application will leave files or records in the system after they have been deleted, as when simply drag an app to the Recycle Bin. Avoid that the system is heavy with the passing of time.

Find and delete unnecessary files on the hard drive of your Mac using this app which helps in optimization and maintenance of the entire system. The simple and intuitive interface and needs no further explanation, from it you can delete cache files, language files unused, duplicate files, and any file that is not used for a long time among other things. Continue reading Top 10 Tools to Free up hard drive space of your Windows or Mac Computer

The easiest DJ software that helps you to mix music, videos and karaoke

cutedj-245x157The program proved extremely interesting by the number of options it offers, especially if you are a professional musician and uses such software to work or something. It also leaves you to make mixture of different music, creating new sounds and even a playlist sequence that will be played at parties. Unfortunately, its flaws are beginning the limitations that were given to the free version, for example, only use the best DJ mixing software 20 minutes every time you install it on your computer. This can be very annoying because not nearly enough time for people to know all its functions. But anyway, if you are already a playmaker of the mix, it’s worth taking a look at everything this software can offer.

CuteDJ will be the best friend of duty and DJs, with an infinite number of options, it will leave the mixing job much easier. We know that when you look at the program’s main screen, you’ll find it a bit confusing, but do not worry, all options are fully explained and we will help you with them.

It is also important to clarify the lightness of the software. Generally, when editing songs, if the computer is not one of the best, you can be sure that it will halt or at least slow down in their features. Well, with the tests that we perform, we do not feel any of this and more: it was very good change editing music without having to wait a thousand years for them to be released.

This confusing interface is actually the best solution so that you understand all your options. It allows you to edit two or more songs at the same time cutting parts and applying effects to a single sound. The tables are divided in the middle of the screen, and can be found very easily. The problem is that the options are duplicated, after all, you must change two sounds at once. Continue reading The easiest DJ software that helps you to mix music, videos and karaoke

Learn how to clean up temporary files from iPhone

iphone cleanerThe iPhone is the ideal companion for anyone who wants to surf the Internet, access social networks and play. However, every application that runs on Apple’s smartphone, files are stored on the devices and, over time, can make you slower and with less space. To help you get rid of this problem, the Williamduff prepared a simple tutorial for you to clean temporary files from your iPhone.

Step 1. Download and install PhoneClean program (best iphone cleaner) on your computer, either PC or Mac;

Step 2. Open the program and connect your device to the cable. The PhoneClean start a reading of files;

Step 3. After the first reading, the program will display the memory usage of your iPhone and what types of files can be deleted. Select which you want or leave all marked for more effective cleaning and click the “Start Scan” button;

Step 4. The program will make a thorough search in the archives and, at the end, displays the amount of space occupied by each type. To perform cleaning, simply click the “Clean Up” button. You can choose which files you want to delete or not using the arrow in field “Detail”. After that, wait for the process to complete;

Ready! Now your device is already free of unused files and may have a gain of power and autonomy. If you want, you can also do the same task on iPads and iPods touchs.

How To Remove DRM from Bearshare, Ruckus music

remove drmAs we know, BearShare, a Gnutella-based peer-to-peer file sharing application that provides paid music downloads DRM WMA format and free content in various formats; Ruckus is a free advertising service online music popular among students in American universities. However, both the Bearshare and Ruckus music has DRM protection that prevents Customer playing downloaded music with other incompatible devices or share with others unless you remove DRM from Bearshare or Ruckus. So how to realize it?

What you need is a best DRM removal, allowing you to convert protected audio files in standard formats for enjoyment.

Bearshare Free download DRM removal, install and run it, you can follow the 3 easy steps below to remove DRM from Bearshare, Ruckus.

step 1
Click “Add” to add DRM protected video and music. Here you can also preview your music by double clicking it.

step 2
With the converter Bearshare, Bearshare protecting or Ruckus is eliminated by converting formats. Click “Settings” to choose the output format you want. You can also change the location of the output file or output files are by default.

step 3
Click “Start” button, the conversion process is starting. After conversion, the files are DRM-ripped.

Tips: The amazing features of removing Bearshare are “support other formats”, “DRM removal rate” and “the quality of the converted files.” Therefore, it is one of the best options to remove DRM from Bearshare.

Convert PDF to CAD Drawings (DWG or DXF) With AutoDWG

PDF to DWG ConverterThe CAD programs (such as Autocad, Qcad, LibreCAD, etc.) are used to make projects and drawings in 2D and 3D. It is a software that most architects, designers and engineers need. Most formats used by users of this program are DWG and DXF. They perform their projections and drawings in AutoCAD, but when projects have to show people who do not have this type of program on your computer, designers always convert drawings to PDF.

The technique of creating PDFs from any format is very common, because PDF is a universal format to send and share files across different platforms.

Convert CAD drawings to PDF for review or evaluation is a very good idea, because every one that uses computer can open and view PDF files with Adobe Reader which is free and easy to install – something that can not be said for AutoCAD.

Most importantly DWG and DXF drawings are converted to PDF will look exactly like the original format. We must also say that PDF is a very compact format that compresses data so you can send smaller files, s faster and easier. There are many reasons to convert these files to PDF, right?

But there is a problem with PDF files. When the architects or designers are to continue the work, plans and drawings found in the file, it can not be edited. In these cases it is useful to have a powerful tool to convert PDF to AutoCAD.

Best PDF to DWG Converter a solution that can convert these PDFs to AutoCAD Drawings.

Only three steps:

1. Download a conversion utility to convert PDF files to DWG, such AutoDWG PDF to DWG Converter, Any PDF to DWG Converter or Aide PDF to DWG Converter.

2 Install and open the conversion utility. Use the PDF you want to convert DWG as input and read the documentation of utility help to understand the various options that the program you choose.

3. After converting the file, open the new DWG file with a CAD program to ensure that the conversion was successful.

PhoneRescue Coupon Code & Review 2015

PhoneRescuePhoneRescue software can use to recover files that have been lost or deleted inadvertently in its iOS devices like the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

PhoneRescue is able to work on both Macs and PCs, also recovering from iTunes files, plus the iOS devices. A total of 22 types of files from different applications that can recover PhoneRescue, such as Contacts, Call History, Text Messages, Notes, Reminders, Safari History, Photos, Music, Videos, Playlists, among many others.

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If you have a paid license, the found items can be copied to your computer without problems. Otherwise, they will be displayed in full, but you will not be able to save documents retrieved by using free software. When you save the found files, you can choose their format on your PC (depending on category), as TXT, HTML and CSV.

PhoneRescue Review

If you have fear of losing the files from your iPhone or iPad, PhoneRescue is a software developed for you. With this service, you can retrieve the most varied data from their Apple devices and transport them to the computer. However, this software is paid (and has a very hefty price tag!) And you can not use any of its resources are not paying for it. Continue reading PhoneRescue Coupon Code & Review 2015

The Best Way to Make Your iTunes Cleaning Tasks Easy

Hotmail closedIn a bid to keep your iTunes library tidy and neat, you can clean up the iTunes library either by hand or with the help of a smart iTunes cleaner. The first way apparently requires a couple of easy steps below, while the second one offers an instant solution for cleaning up iTunes library.

To keep your iTunes library tidy and neat, you can clean up the iTunes library manually or with the help of a smart iTunes cleaner. An iTunes cleaner can be the best way to clean up iTunes library.

In a bid to keep your iTunes library tidy and neat, you can clean up the iTunes library either by hand or with the help of a smart iTunes cleaner. The first way apparently requires a couple of easy steps below, while the second one offers an instant solution for cleaning up iTunes library.

You need to do a couple of operations to finish iTunes cleanup by hand. The first thing is to pick up the meta-data of your songs. You need to alter the info simply by right-clicking on the song, then select Get Info option. The next step is to acquire the album art which can be down by right-clicking on the album and choosing “Get Album Artwork” Option.

Another efficient way to thoroughly clean up iTunes library and free it from mess is to detect duplicate files and remove them completely.

As duplicates take up quite a bit of space, it is necessary for you to eradicate them. Directly go to the View option and select Show Duplicate Items, where you can manually delete all the duplicate entries. At last, you can easily clean up iTunes. The whole process is very easy since all you need to do is select songs, remove them from your library to computer hard disk or other storage media.

The fastest and easiest way to clean up iTunes is to take advantage of iTunes cleaner, besides the way to clean up it manually above. The iTunes cleaning up tool is designed to detect and delete song duplicates with one click, automatically download, add and edit song tags. What is more, this kind of iTunes cleaner can perform many other kinds of cleanup work.

Are you eager to have a try? All you need to do is to download and install a copy of iTunes cleaner. Be careful when you try to select a tool. If you fail to find a right tool, you can possibly end up wasting your time and money; even lose all your data in your iTunes library. Make sure that you find a tool made by reputable software company, such as the well-received Wondershare TidyMyMusic, Leawo Tunes Cleaner and Tune Sweeper. All of these three tools are chosen by thousands of iTunes users, absolutely safe, reliable and effective.

Hotmail Officially Closed

Hotmail closedMicrosoft’s email service, Hotmail is officially closed. Instead, Microsoft is preparing a similar service for hundreds of millions of it’s free email users.

Hotmail is one of the web-based email services that are quite popular. Until now the free email has at least 300 million active user worldwide.

However, due to various considerations, Microsoft decided to no longer provide that service. Instead users ‘forced’ to switch to who also provide similar services.

“We believe that they will be more like this (outlook-red) compared to Hotmail,” said Dick Craddock, Program Manager for

Compared to Hotmail, Outlook does offer a more fresh and better protection systems. It already using two-way authentication.

In addition, Outlook also been connected with SkyDrive to store data, and Skype for video calls or telephone calls over the internet.

Until now, Microsoft is working on the transfer of data from Hotmail to Outlook. For a while Hotmail users can still access their accounts as usual, it’s just added the option to turn into Outlook in it.

“To provide the best experience in Outlook, this time we’re focusing on the process of upgrading,” said Craddock, through Microsoft’s official blog.