Google: Windows Phone will not meet the needs of consumers

CALIFORNIA – Microsoft has officially launched the Windows Phone 7 Operating System. Unmitigated OS is directly supported by the four mobile phone manufacturers as well namely, HTC, LG, Dell, and Samsung.

But the presence of the OS is apparently not welcomed by competitors and telecommunications operators. Last week, the criticism came from Verizon CEO Lowell […]

Yahoo Launched Search Engine Enhancement

SAN FRANCISCO – Yahoo has launched a renewal of its search engine services that support the search-related news and entertainment for Yahoo in the U.S. domain.

Shashi Seth, senior vice president of Yahoo Search & Markets noted that this change is the first in a series of search enhancements. So that was quoted by PC […]

Mysterious code ’19790509 ‘in Stuxnet

Stuxnet Virus since last September, has become a hot discussion of computer security experts the world. Stuxnet known to threaten a number of computers in a number of countries, especially Iran.

A computer virus is touted to take over and control the Iranian nuclear project remotely. The virus, called Stuxnet have different levels of sophistication […]

UEFI Technology Make Booting Time Just in Seconds Count

Get ready to say goodbye to the BIOS and now welcome his successor, UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface). The new technology is what would reduce the time booting a computer drastically.

Reportedly, UEFI will be invested in the latest generation of computers. With this technology, the computer can be lit only in seconds. Investigate a […]