3 New Google Features

Voice SearchGoogle introduces new features on it`s search engines, including Voice Search, Search by Images and Instant Pages. What is the third function of this feature?

Quoted from Cnet, on Thursday (6/16/2011), the three new features presented by Google, of course for easier searching by users on the internet.

For example, the Voice Search. Features that previously were already present in mobile devices is now extended also in desktop computers.

By using the Chrome browser, Google’s search engine users can click the microphone icon in the upper right corner search box and ‘talk’ to computers, what they want to look for, so they do not have to type a word or phrase.

The second feature is a Search by Image. This feature allows users to upload photos to Google Image Search and ‘asked’ to Google, what picture is it. Cool right?

Voice Search only available on the Chrome browser, but Google promised Search by Image will be used also in Firefox. This feature will be available to Google users around the world in 40 languages.

In order for faster internet search, Google had a Google Instant who can guess what you’re looking for before finished typing the keyword. Well, now comes another new feature called Google Instant Pages. This feature will get the top results for you.

Because these features are newly launched, not all users can take advantage of these three new features. Google will gradually allow the availability of these features to users around the world.

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