Adobe Not Afraid of HTML5 Standard

NEW YORK – The triumph of Adobe with it`s Flash Platform is considered will be depleted due to the presence of HTML5 standard, which is predicted to grow rapidly. But Adobe did have their own opinions.

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen said that Flash remains a platform that is relevant, although many preference for rapidly growing HTML5 standard.

“Flash has changed the world. If you change the world with what you have to say, of course you will have fans and detractors. Both are inputs for us to innovate,” Narayen said, as quoted by TG Daily.

Narayen also emphasized that Adobe welcomes developers who are interested in designing the content and applications for multiple platforms.

“Yes, it’s all about how you control the content on the Web. Of course, Adobe created the best tool for both HTML 5 and Flash ,” he added.

But Narayen admit that Flash is rather difficult for smaller ports, such as mobile devices.

“But clearly, web video will be great. And in this case, Flash is better, or equal, with the power of any technology out there,” he claims.

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