Android Gingerbread Features

CALIFORNIA – Google reportedly will soon release the latest version of their Android operating system, namely Gingerbread this week. Not yet released, excellent features of this OS leaked on the internet.

One of the sites that distribute this secret feature is Phandroid. According to the site, there are some excellent features that make the ‘cake Ginger’ is different, including the news that mentions the Gingerbread is suitable for tablets iteration.

Launched by TechWorld, the following are the features that will be embedded in Gingerbread.

– Support for Video Chat: It is certain, this feature will compete with the iPhone Facetime 4 and web conferencing services are increasingly a necessity in the future.

– Down of the third party ‘bloatware’ developers: Apparently Google will stop the convergence of UI elements with Gingerbread. This means, n Google will ban a user interface designed by the handset vendors such as artificial UI Sense HTC, Raphael made by Sony Ericsson, and Motorola’s Motoblur.

– WebOS flavor: It is possible, given the former head of design webOS Palm, Martias Duarte, joined the team at Google’s Android developer since last May.

-Gingerbread appear more clean and simple look for many files, applications, or the other. – Gingerbread will use Dalvik JIT compiler to generate a faster processor performance.

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