Apple Preparing To Release iTV

CALIFORNIA – Apple is preparing to launch iTV to follow the success of previous versions of Apple TV. Not only that, Apple is also rumored to have held talks with News Corp. and other media groups in order to rent a television program for the event for USD0, 1999 on iTunes.

Apple is also rumored to be held a news conference in San Francisco on the 7th of September. At the event, Apple will not only announce the latest version of the iPod Touch, but will introduce latest generation of Apple TV, which is named as the iTV. Similarly, as quoted from Mashable, on Wednesday (08/25/2010).

To build excitement and momentum of the launch of iTV, Apple has been negotiating with several other media in order to agree on the rental price of television programs to iTunes with a price USD0, 1999. News Corporation and Walt Disney was about to sign the contract, while NBC, CBS and Time Warner say remains uncertain.

Previously, Apple users could only rent a television program, with a price of $ 1.99, even though so many of the popular television program priced at $ 2.99.

Apple believes the price USD0, 1999, sales of television programs for ITV, iPad, iPhone and iPod will increase.

Television programs being leased at a price USD0, 1999 can be available after 24 hours of impressions. If you already bought the television program during the 48-hour, ad-free.

If Apple’s success in these negotiations it will be a success in the enterprise. Apple has increased its pressure on Apple TV since Google launched Google TV to the public.

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