Bloglines Closed On October 1

CALIFORNIA – Bloglines, a popular website based on RSS (Rapid Simple Syndication) will be closed on Friday, October 1, 2010.

The, a team that operates the site says that social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook was the one who “killed” Bloglines, as quoted from Mashable,
Monday (9/13/2010).

“The use of RSS has declined significantly,” wrote party from on their blog.

RSS push updates from the site to readers around the world, so they would not be difficult to do a search on the internet. RSS is so popular in 2005. But social networking sites sorts Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg and Facebook have replaced their role.

When some Internet users still use your favorite websites such as Facebook or Twitter, some still depend on friends and other people to share and recommend interesting news on the social networking site.

Bloglines still be operational until mid-October, you still have three weeks to move the feeds (news feeds) to your RSS application of other kinds of Google Reader.

The people behind Google Reader also has added other features to try to counter digit decline in the use of RSS.

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