Saving Gmail Attachments Directly to Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage service from Google. Google Drive also provides 5 GB of storage space for free. You can use the service to store files in the attachment directly to your Gmail account.

Unfortunately, saving a file attachment in Gmail can not be done directly without These following steps. There are specific […]

Open WebOS 1.0 Coming In September

After December 2011, HP announced that its WebOS operating system will be open source, today HP announced the details of when and how the developers will get access to the new operating system code.

Reported by TheVerge on Thursday (Jan 25) the company expects the entire process of open sourcing will be completed in September […]

Goolge Enable Permanent IPv6 Connectivity

Limitations of IPv4 address space in which only consists of 32 bits, has been a key driver in creating it the latest version of Internet Protocol to be able to provide better service support. IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) is now present and ready to replace the previous version (IPv4) with some of the latest […]

Ice Cream Sandwich Source Code has been Released

For those of you who like to hack various applications based on open source, now Google has officially released the source code for the newest operating system, Android 4.0.

Source code of Ice Cream Sandwiches can be downloaded for free by the developers on the Android Open Source Project and is the same version embedded […]

Swiffy: A Tool From Google to Convert Flash to HTML5

Google announced a new tool that can be used to convert a Flash-based content into HTML 5 content that is compatible with the iPhone. This web-based tool, called Swiffy, using JSON technology, SVG, HTML5, CSS3, and ActionScript 2.0 to create Flash SWF files appear as JavaScript to the browser’s WebKit, which is then able to […]

Too Much Spam, Google Remove Website With Domain Extension

CALIFORNIA – Google has been removing more than 11 million websites with domain extension of their search results pages, the backgrounds of this action that these sites contains too much spam.

As quoted from The Register, Wednesday, domain is not the official second degree domain such as,, domains […]

3 New Google Features

Google introduces new features on it`s search engines, including Voice Search, Search by Images and Instant Pages. What is the third function of this feature?

Quoted from Cnet, on Thursday (6/16/2011), the three new features presented by Google, of course for easier searching by users on the internet.

For example, the Voice Search. Features that […]


James Gosling, the architect of the Java programming language announced that he has joined with Internet giant Google. This news he announced himself through his personal blog.

“I started working on Google today. One of the hardest things in life is to make a decision. I had previously been rejected several good possibilities,” writes Gosling, […]

Honeycomb Feature

Google finally fulfill his promise to bring the Android operating system, which is devoted to the tablet. What are the features that were presented at the Honeycomb Google?

Through the demo video is shown, Google calls this Honeycomb as version 3.0. Some visitors who watched the videos were made dazzled by userinterface (UI) in the […]

Maurice Verrelli :Chrome OS is capable to shift down the position of the Windows and OSX

Maurice Verrelli said Google would soon deliver cloud-based operating systems, which is called the Chrome OS. Maurice Verrelli believes, new ways to use the computer is able to shift the older OS, like Windows and OSX in the future.

“Of course, I think users need a new experience in using computers. Especially for those who […]