Android Gingerbread Features

CALIFORNIA – Google reportedly will soon release the latest version of their Android operating system, namely Gingerbread this week. Not yet released, excellent features of this OS leaked on the internet.

One of the sites that distribute this secret feature is Phandroid. According to the site, there are some excellent features that make the ‘cake […]

Google New, Portal of All Latest Google Information

CALIFORNIA – There are now new ways to find out quickly what’s new and what is being done by Google, by opening the “Google New” site.

“Google’s New” is a simple dashboard to find out what’s new and is being done by Google. The bottom line is a dashboard news from 100 Google blog plus […]

YouTube Will Start Trials of Live-Streaming Platforms

CALIFORNIA – YouTube has announced that they will start trials of two days of live-streaming of the latest platforms, which allow people to broadcast their live video into a YouTube channel.

YouTube had previously been adding features live video on its website. Previously U2 concert and Indian Premier League cricket matches are broadcast live by […]


SAN FRANCISCO – Just a few weeks after Google launched Google Voice for mobile phones, hundreds of internet users ask for Google to make the application accessible on the desktop.

Google Voice is one of management in mobile applications that can be used for free. Google’s launch on June 22 last. This service lets users […]

Google Launches API for Language Translation

Google recently introduced an interface source code for the translational block of text on web pages. Is Google AJAX Language API, application programming interfaces that can identify specific terms before the translated language.

Ajax based Web 2.0 technology, the API is able to translate up to 13 languages, namely Arabic, China, Dutch, English, French, German, […]