Hotmail Officially Closed

Microsoft’s email service, Hotmail is officially closed. Instead, Microsoft is preparing a similar service for hundreds of millions of it’s free email users.

Hotmail is one of the web-based email services that are quite popular. Until now the free email has at least 300 million active user worldwide.

However, due to various considerations, Microsoft decided […]

Direct Conversations with Skype from Your Outlook Inbox

London – Skype audio and video calling Functions will be presented at Thus, users can instantly have a conversations via Skype VoIP service directly in their Outlook inbox.

“We all face situations that make conversations easier through a service. Sometimes a quick call more help than a long email reply,” says Simon Longbottom, […]

Internet Explorer 10 Preview for Windows 7 Now Available

Microsoft released a preview version of the newest browser for Windows 7. Preview of Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 can be downloaded on the Microsoft website today. The release is on schedule, Microsoft previously said that IE10 Preview version for Windows 7 will be released in mid-November.

IE10 is rumored to have the ability […]

Sneak peek Office 15 on Windows 8

Microsoft has just launched a video preview of its Windows 8 ARM promised to be launched later this year. In the video there is also a technical preview of Office 15 applications, namely Word, Excel, Power Point and OneNote that will be in Windows 8.

Although the Office 15 preview shown is the desktop version […]

Microsoft Vision on Cloud Computing

Some people see the so-called cloud computing, as the software (OS, software) which can be accessed through a web browser. Just like a server ‘in the cloud’, the user can store any data on there safely and as needed.

We may think that the cloud as a collection of devices (eg PCs, servers, mobile devices) […]

Google: Windows Phone will not meet the needs of consumers

CALIFORNIA – Microsoft has officially launched the Windows Phone 7 Operating System. Unmitigated OS is directly supported by the four mobile phone manufacturers as well namely, HTC, LG, Dell, and Samsung.

But the presence of the OS is apparently not welcomed by competitors and telecommunications operators. Last week, the criticism came from Verizon CEO Lowell […]

Microsoft has launched Internet Explorer 9 Beta

CALIFORNIA – Microsoft has launched Internet Explorer 9, the web browser that is promised by them will appear more attractive.

Dean Hachamovitch, Vice President of Internet Explorer, said that IE9 is the reinvention of the browser. Not only include HTML5 and general standards of IE, but also has the ability to transform any website into […]

Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac Released on October

WASHINGTON – Microsoft will release Office 2011 for Mac on October 26 , based on information on the Amazon product page.

On Amazon product pages indicates that the launch is scheduled on October 26, 2010. While the product pages for the ‘Mac Office 2011 Home and Family Pack’ has not listed the date of release, […]