How to recover whatsapp deleted conversations on Android and iOS

Throw the first stone who never deleted an important WhatsApp message without meaning to. While the app does not have a “trash can” in which deleted conversations are still available, there are fairly simple ways to retrieve your precious chats if you’re using an Android or iOS device.

The task is easier on the Apple […]

[30% OFF] BigAnt Office Messenger Review & Coupon Code

The BigAnt Office Messenger is an instant messenger much like MSN and Skype, but with the difference that it was developed for internal use of companies and offices that require communication among their employees.

When installing the BigAnt Office Messenger software, you choose which computer should be the server, ie, what is the highest hierarchical […]

Top 10 Tools to Free up hard drive space of your Windows or Mac Computer

If your computer no longer yields as much as before and has slowly perhaps the problem is the number of files that are in the system without receiving new accesses. To keep your computer optimized and free of these types of “digital junk” there are dozens of applications. We separated some that can help you […]

The easiest DJ software that helps you to mix music, videos and karaoke

The program proved extremely interesting by the number of options it offers, especially if you are a professional musician and uses such software to work or something. It also leaves you to make mixture of different music, creating new sounds and even a playlist sequence that will be played at parties. Unfortunately, its flaws are […]