Direct Conversations with Skype from Your Outlook Inbox

Skype on Outlook

London – Skype audio and video calling Functions will be presented at Thus, users can instantly have a conversations via Skype VoIP service directly in their Outlook inbox.

“We all face situations that make conversations easier through a service. Sometimes a quick call more help than a long email reply,” says Simon Longbottom, Senior Director of Skype Product Marketing.

Reported by Mashable, Tuesday (April 30, 2013), for the moment, the service is only available in the UK. Availability will be expanded to the United States and Germany in the next few weeks, and globally within a few months.

Users who are interested in this service should download a plugin in their browser, and then connect Skype to using their Microsoft account.

To use Skype, users only need to click the button audio or video call in IM conversations, or on top of your friends contact details in mail conversation.

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