Facebook Surprise, Between Mobile and File Sharing Features

CALIFORNIA – Facebook will announce and launch new features for mobile-phone on Wednesday (11 / 3). The company has been confirmed by sending an invitation to attend the ‘Mobile event at Facebook HQ’ on 3 November.

Though the company was not officially announced what will be launched at the event but has many outstanding guesses about what will be up to announce and launch. Similarly, as quoted from Pocket-Lint.

Some people believe that Facebook will announce the desktop features to mobile, while others are more optimistic and expect more of what will be the largest social networking company announced. Most analysts predict there will be a live chat service, up phone (although still delayed to February), or other features.

The plan of this announcement came as up has just confirmed that they had bought Drop.io, a file-sharing service like Dropbox.

“Today we proudly announced that it has done a deal with Facebook. That which has bought up all the technology and assets owned by Drop.io. Sam Lessin, Drop.io founder is now also moving to Facebook,” wrote the part of Drop.io on their blogs.

After the purchase, the site Drop.io now closed.

“Within the next few weeks we will close the service Drop.io. Starting this week, people will not be able to upload games via Drop.io, but users still have to download the files from Drop.io until December 15. While Paid users will be able to upload and download files as normal. However, after December 15 user accounts paid will also remain suspended its services, “lid Drop.io party on their blog.

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