Get Ready, HTML code will experience changes

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), as the authorities set the code of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), has announced the first draft document (public working draft) for HTML 5. This will be the first major change to HTML since HTML 4 is generated in December 1997.

HTML is the basic code used to create web pages. HTML 5 will adapt to the trend of recent development that many sites use multimedia and community participation.

Included in the design of HTML 5 is the Application Programming Interface (API) to create two-dimensional graph, glue and controlling the multimedia on the web site pages, to data storage management.

Utilization of technologies such as Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) is called as one of the driving force in the development of HTML 5. W3C, as quoted from TheRegister, Thursday (24/1/2008), also set a standard that will allow web applications running across desktops and mobile devices.

HTML 5 development by the W3C HTML Working Group which was established in March 2007. Members Working Group, among others, including Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, IBM and Nokia.

Differences between HTML 5 from HTML 4, which is now used, could be seen in

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