Google Analytics Add Real-Time Web Traffic Data

Google has just added Real-Time reports window in Google Analytics, under the Dashboard tab. According to Google, this new feature will be enjoyed by all users the next 1-2 weeks, but you can enjoy early in the beta by signing up at

Google Analytics itself is a free service from Google that displays a web site visitor statistics. Real-time reports, will show the number of people who visit the web site every minute and the number of active visitors on site at the time. This allows monitoring of sources sending traffic to a website, which pages are being viewed, the GEO location of visitors and the keywords that brought visitors to the site.

Real time reports will also track the direct impact of site traffic, for example if the user has just post an article then tweet the article, the real-time feature will keep track of traffic from tweet.

real-time reports can help:

– Verifying the effectiveness of an ad that published on website

– Measuring the impact of social media usage

– Watch the impact of TV campaigns when your commercial aired

Google is not the only one that provides data services in real-time. Woopra, Chartbeat and also offers a number of other tools, but only Google will provide it for free.

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