Google New, Portal of All Latest Google Information

CALIFORNIA – There are now new ways to find out quickly what’s new and what is being done by Google, by opening the “Google New” site.

“Google’s New” is a simple dashboard to find out what’s new and is being done by Google. The bottom line is a dashboard news from 100 Google blog plus the ability to conduct searches through the Google product.

Google New Portal allow users to more easily find out what changes are happening at Google right now. Previously, it was hard to find out information on the development of these giant Internet companies. Because almost every day, Google is always launches a new product.

Multiple menus on the Google New is: Earth and Maps, Webmaster, AdWords, serach, Docs, Orkut, AdSense, Mobile, and others.

“Google’s New” is one of the ’20% Project Idea’ from Google, which the workers may spend 20 percent of their time working on whatever projects they want.

Google’s New Web site can be opened at:

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