Google: Windows Phone will not meet the needs of consumers

CALIFORNIA – Microsoft has officially launched the Windows Phone 7 Operating System. Unmitigated OS is directly supported by the four mobile phone manufacturers as well namely, HTC, LG, Dell, and Samsung.

But the presence of the OS is apparently not welcomed by competitors and telecommunications operators. Last week, the criticism came from Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam telecommunications operator that states that Windows 7 Phone not included in his mind because the OS is not innovative. Lowell even openly will only support Blackberry-based phones, IOS, and Android.

After criticism from operators now Microsoft rivals turn to criticism, Google, which is the developer of Android launch his criticism. In an interview with Vice President of Engineering Google, Andy Rubin, said the Windows Phone will not meet the needs of consumers, especially in terms of applications and surfing the Web.

“I see the screenshot of Windows 7 Phone is very interesting but look again, the world does not need another platform. Android platform is open and I think the reason to create another platform is purely political reasons,” said Rubin.

Windows 7 Phone, to say the stakes for Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. He is ambitious to push up the glory of Microsoft in the OS market for mobile devices. When Ballmer failed to bring Windows 7 Phone victorious in the mobile market then certainly the level of employee trust in him will continue to decline.

As is known, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer bonus, was forced to cut 50 percent of the maximum as it is considered failing in the phone business. Ballmer And Microsoft has managed to boost revenues by seven percent to approximately USD62, 5 billion

Rubin said that there was nothing interesting to offer on the latest Microsoft OS. He also believes Windows Phone7 only will enliven competition in the OS market without a significant contribution to the company owned by Bill Gates’s software.

He added that the strategy is paramount to the success of a mobile OS.

“We’re talking about a platform on which for the first time you can view the source code, examine the code, and you can see how it works. We’ve got all sorts of valuable input from the community. We have a community,” said Rubin

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