Honeycomb Feature

Google finally fulfill his promise to bring the Android operating system, which is devoted to the tablet. What are the features that were presented at the Honeycomb Google?

Through the demo video is shown, Google calls this Honeycomb as version 3.0. Some visitors who watched the videos were made dazzled by userinterface (UI) in the OS that looks best at the tablet.

Quoted by TG Daily, Maurice Verrelli give preliminary views, the OS seems quite polished in such a way and even ready to provide resistance to Apple’s IOS is pinned on the iPad.

Some features of Android Honeycomb was among them,
– Provide the full experience of browsing the Internet with Adobe Flash
– embed Google eBooks
– Gmail is displayed in full and different for tablets.
– YouTube features designed specifically for Honeycomb.
– Full screen for Google Talk.

Not yet known from the Google party, Honeycomb when this will actually be released to the public. Because the company did not give details of time launch. But some device vendors are entering this OS into a tablet made by them, some of which is Motorola Xoom tablets and tablets made by Toshiba.

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