Hotmail Officially Closed

Hotmail closedMicrosoft’s email service, Hotmail is officially closed. Instead, Microsoft is preparing a similar service for hundreds of millions of it’s free email users.

Hotmail is one of the web-based email services that are quite popular. Until now the free email has at least 300 million active user worldwide.

However, due to various considerations, Microsoft decided to no longer provide that service. Instead users ‘forced’ to switch to who also provide similar services.

“We believe that they will be more like this (outlook-red) compared to Hotmail,” said Dick Craddock, Program Manager for

Compared to Hotmail, Outlook does offer a more fresh and better protection systems. It already using two-way authentication.

In addition, Outlook also been connected with SkyDrive to store data, and Skype for video calls or telephone calls over the internet.

Until now, Microsoft is working on the transfer of data from Hotmail to Outlook. For a while Hotmail users can still access their accounts as usual, it’s just added the option to turn into Outlook in it.

“To provide the best experience in Outlook, this time we’re focusing on the process of upgrading,” said Craddock, through Microsoft’s official blog.

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