How To Detect If Your Computer Has Been Infected With DNS Changer

DNS changer

DNSChanger virus spread quickly to millions of computers with internet connection. Here are tips to find out if your computer is infected with this virus or not.

DNSChanger can indeed be categorized as one of the dangerous virus. This virus taking advantage of a user while they are browsing, this virus has landed in more than 4 million computers in 11 countries. with the largest spread is in the United States

Well, it turns out there is a fairly easy way to tell if your computer is infected with DNSChanger or not. Ie, using a special website created by the working group DNS Changer. The trick?

Open a web browser (eg Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari) and then access any of the sites below.

If the test result is green, then your computer is normal. But if the result is red, then the DNS server settings of your computer or broadband router are directed to a malicious server.

So what if the result is ‘positive’? Computer or router DNSChanger infected can be cured by the following ways:

1. It is recommended to restore the infected computer’s DNS settings to get the old settings automatically. Please contact your ISP or your office IT admin for help.

2. If the computer is infected with DNSChanger malware try not to update the system software and security database.

To clean the virus is Windows and Mac users can use the most updated antivirus application, either free or paid version.

3. After cleaning, use another test method above to make sure whether the DNS server setting is normal or not.

Broadband Router
Advised to follow the documentation provided by the vendor to reset the DNS server settings and change the default password admin.

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