How to recover whatsapp deleted conversations on Android and iOS

Whatsapp RecoveryThrow the first stone who never deleted an important WhatsApp message without meaning to. While the app does not have a “trash can” in which deleted conversations are still available, there are fairly simple ways to retrieve your precious chats if you’re using an Android or iOS device.

The task is easier on the Apple operating system. All you have to do is open in the application, visit the “Settings” window, touch the “Conversations and Connections” option and enter the “Conversations Backup” page. Here the user can back up their entire message history, as well as schedule the creation of automatic backups.

These files are stored in your iCloud account and can be recovered as soon as you reinstall WhatsApp. That way, if you want to recover some conversation that you accidentally deleted, simply uninstall the program and download it again through the App Store.

And the green robot?
Already in Android things are more difficult. The WhatsApp OS version saves backups of your conversations periodically by keeping them stored in the internal memory or SD card of your mobile device (depending on your device settings). However, when reinstalling it, only a backup of the last 24 hours is recovered.

But with a simple trick, you’ll be able to get back to conversations older than that. You need to download and install some file manager on your gadget, if it does not have one natively. We recommend free solutions like Whatsapp Recovery software, which are very easy to use.

Open the chosen manager and go to the memory where WhatsApp is installed (by default, the app remains in the internal memory). Find the folder of the software in question, and, within it, tap to open the “Databases” subdirectory. All files present here (started with the term “msgstore”) are messenger backups, duly indicated by their date; The most recent, which includes messages from the last 24 hours, has no date.

All you have to do is identify the backup with the desired message date and change its name, removing the date and making WhatsApp think that it is the most recent backup that exists (for this, of course, it will be I need to delete the actual recent backup). Now delete the program and reinstall it using Google Play – you’ll finally have your precious conversations back.

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