Ice Cream Sandwich Source Code has been Released

androidFor those of you who like to hack various applications based on open source, now Google has officially released the source code for the newest operating system, Android 4.0.

Source code of Ice Cream Sandwiches can be downloaded for free by the developers on the Android Open Source Project and is the same version embedded on Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

In a posting on Google Groups, Google engineer Jean Baptiste Queru, said the source code with the name “Ice Cream Sandwich” is actually an updated version of the Android 4.0. To get the full version of the latest Android source code files, developers also have to be patient because this is a rather large file and takes time to download them, he added.

Queru also stated that the source code for Android Ice Cream Sandwich also includes source code for Android Honeycomb, but because Ice Cream Sandwich is more complete , he suggested that people focus more on this latest version of Android.

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