Internet Explorer 10 Preview for Windows 7 Now Available

Internet Explorer 10Microsoft released a preview version of the newest browser for Windows 7. Preview of Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 can be downloaded on the Microsoft website today. The release is on schedule, Microsoft previously said that IE10 Preview version for Windows 7 will be released in mid-November.

IE10 is rumored to have the ability to process web pages faster and smoother than its predecessor, but for Windows 7 users will likely feel some limitations. This is because Microsoft designed the IE10 to use on tablet PCs, or other devices that use touch screen. While only a few Windows 7 based PCs that have a thoose technologies.

One advantage of IE10 is while you’re reading an article on a website, you can swipe to change the page, rather than you have to scroll and click on a link as was done previously. For that reason, Microsoft released a preview of it, so that website developers can optimize their websites look when accessed using a browser.

Microsoft expects to increase the number of IE10 users, After all of this time it can only be overshadowed by Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari as the most widely used browser in the market.

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