SAN FRANCISCO – Just a few weeks after Google launched Google Voice for mobile phones, hundreds of internet users ask for Google to make the application accessible on the desktop.

Google Voice is one of management in mobile applications that can be used for free. Google’s launch on June 22 last. This service lets users make calls to landline or mobile phone using a special number from Google.

Google to realize these services after the company bought Gizmo5, an Internet-based voice applications (VoIP) which allows users make phone calls over the Internet.

Gizmo5 is also an application used by Google to compete with Skype. Today, Gizmo5 has attracted approximately 500 million users, which enables telephone calls from desktop to desktop, or desktop to the phone.

“We developed Google Voice to be used from any device, but specifically we will maximize use of the web, which is the world’s best user interface, to allow you to control and personalize your communications on services,” said Product Manager of Google Voice Vincent Paquet , as quoted by eWeek, Monday (05/07/2010).

Hence, to accelerate the implementation google Voice on the desktop, Internet users have joined hundreds in a petition This petition was launched since July 2 last. Unfortunately, despite the target 500 000 signatures, only 509 new people who expressed support.

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