Joomla Launch the Latest Joomla 1.7.3 CMS With Improved Security System

Joomla has just launched a new content management system (CMS), namely Joomla 1.7.3. This latest update comes with a variety of improvements, especially in the security system.

Here are some features that are owned by the Joomla 1.7.3:

– Users can save a copy of the template style
– Fix redirect problem at login
– Improvements on the end of line code
– Page breaks can now function correctly when the ‘table of contents’ gives a chance to hide
– Improvements in Jdatabasequery
– Problem when installing a foreign language has been corrected
– Changes in the back-end language now only works when set to default
– Problems preg_quote on utf8_ireplace function has been improved.

In addition to the features above, there are many other features that have been repaired by the Joomla. Total there are 77 fixes and two security issues. For more details, can be seen on the official Joomla website.

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