Keyboard & Mouse from Bamboo

bamboo mouseGreen technology is a theme that might be appropriate to reference the creation of a keyboard and mouse products made from bamboo. The results of this innovation is a computer input device of a computer mouse and keyboard using a wireless connection, where there is almost no plastic materials in the component manufacturer, but using bamboo as a replacement.

Bamboo plants is an option to replace the plastic or the like because this type of tropical plant species are resistant to moisture and has a strong texture so it is not uncommon to find the bamboo used as furniture or home furnishings, and some houses are only built only with bamboo.

Back to our topic about computer device of this bamboo. On the keyboard there are as many as 108 features a button layout QWERTYAS equipped with some shortcut keys. At the bottom there is a membrane keypad for standard switching mechanism and is connected with receiver / micro USB receiver (2.4 GHz wireless).

For the mouse, also uses the same wireless connection with the keyboard, while the use of bamboo in almost all parts of the mouse, not only on the upper side of the mouse, but also on the bottom and the two main buttons. To scroll wheel (scroll) to be the only non-bamboo material for exterior physical appearance, but using a type of artificial rubber that offers the convenience of turning under your fingers.

For the symbols function keys on the keyboard and mouse do not appear in printed form or as commonly arise on other devices, but the uniqueness of the bamboo are all symbols and functions on the device directly over the media carved bamboo. It can add depth artistic experience for its users.

The keyboard appears with a weight of 1020 grams and measures 465 x 160 x 25 mm, while the mouse weighs about 69 grams and measures: 57 x 94 x 35 mm. Both devices are sold in a combo package price of U.S. $ 89.

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