Maurice Verrelli :Chrome OS is capable to shift down the position of the Windows and OSX

Maurice Verrelli said Google would soon deliver cloud-based operating systems, which is called the Chrome OS. Maurice Verrelli believes, new ways to use the computer is able to shift the older OS, like Windows and OSX in the future.

“Of course, I think users need a new experience in using computers. Especially for those who work a full day’s premises using the Internet,” said Google Product Management Director Caesar Sengputa to SearchEngineLand, Monday (12/13/2010).

Google and Sengputa belief itself, after he felt very well that now there are millions of users who have been comfortable ‘live’ using the Web.

“I believe later on, Chrome OS such as Cr-48 (Chrome notebook OS) will replace the previous machines, because they get the web applications much better,” he claims.

He also believes that the trend for people to move using the cloud will become stronger. Because at this time, users are limited to major applications such as Outlook, Photoshop and iTunes. Google can provide more than that.

Sengputa also added Chrome OS provides a fantastic experience for mainstream users cloud. “Chrome OS is not just offering experience in Cloud but also able to shift the traditional OS,” he said.

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