Microsoft has launched Internet Explorer 9 Beta

CALIFORNIA – Microsoft has launched Internet Explorer 9, the web browser that is promised by them will appear more attractive.

Dean Hachamovitch, Vice President of Internet Explorer, said that IE9 is the reinvention of the browser. Not only include HTML5 and general standards of IE, but also has the ability to transform any website into an application on the Windows taskbar. Accessible websites are incorporated in the taskbar, provides its users with one-click option to access their favorite sites. IE9 list also includes the jump from Windows 7; any website that supports Windows7 will be able to provide a menu for access to popular sites. Thus quoted from Mashable, Thursday (09/16/2010).

IE9 is the focus of the ‘regular user’ that will help us which is usually 10 or 20 tabs open at the same time. Tabs are located on the right of the address bar. To help reduce the full tab of the heap, these tabs are collected based on different websites.

Perhaps the biggest selling points of IE9 is its hardware acceleration. Microsoft has been using four developers to demonstrate the speed of IE9 to compare with its competitors. IE9 not interfere with the computer hardware to accelerate graphics, video and text. The result is that IE9 it can to render graphics interface is much better than the Chrome or Firefox.

IE9 Beta already available for download today at Beautify the Web site, part of the Microsoft site that was launched as part of their promotional campaign. It seems with this IE9 launch, Microsoft will return to compete again with the Mozilla browser in the world market.

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