Microsoft Vision on Cloud Computing

Some people see the so-called cloud computing, as the software (OS, software) which can be accessed through a web browser. Just like a server ‘in the cloud’, the user can store any data on there safely and as needed.

We may think that the cloud as a collection of devices (eg PCs, servers, mobile devices) that utilize the Internet as a medium. That requires a fairly large data centers, where servers
work together to absorb more data traffic, without the need of human intervene.

But Microsoft has a further definition about these cloud computing. Many people may not understand that Microsoft is really serious moves toward the cloud service. Microsoft has a strategy for application, platform, business infrastructure for all consumer and corporate customers.

Microsoft have done very seriously and invest very large, with poured aside $ 20 million to build the Microsoft cloud computing, to be used more than 1 billion people. Microsoft saw a huge business opportunity for all IT person.

Efficiency of human resources. Yes, that’s what cloud computing is present. Because of cloud computing allows a company to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enter a new type of IT business.

Imagine if we as a person who wants to build a local start-up business. In addition to preparing the content, we must have its own data centers. For that, a manager of the company infrastructure would have to calculate the cost of building a local data center, complete with anticipation.

Well, actually this cloud computing helps companies to minimize development allocation of their data centers. They were given the option to ‘renting’ the land in the clouds Microsoft’s servers, according to his needs.

In conclusion, there are three objectives for using cloud computing today, namely:
– Move the jobs / application entirely to the cloud.
– Use cloud computing in adding local.
– As a hosted application or personal computing in the cloud.

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