Mozilla releases Latest Firefox Mobile for Android & MeeGo

LAS VEGAS – Success with the Maemo platform, Mozilla is preparing the present version of the Fennec Alpha 2 for Android and MeeGo.

Some changes to the presented by the mobile Firefox browser is expected to include several new features and changes in back-end, including the introduction of Electrolysis (aka “e10s”) and an updated platform layer.

According to Mozilla developer Matt Brubeck, Fennec e10s allows the user interface (UI) to remain responsive when loading pages and JavaScript to move content into a separate process.

“After the alpha release, the platform will be the next big change related Layers. While Fennec currently handles panning and zooming by dividing the page and make them on an HTML element,” Brubeck said, as quoted by TG Daily, Saturday (08/20/2010).

Some of the latest features of both for MeeGo Fennec and Android are scheduled to include:

1. Firefox sync integrated.
2. Link sharing via Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, email or the original application.
3. Multi-touch, like a pinch-zooming and sliding.
4. Alert-notification bar and a new visual theme (Android).
5. Improved APIs for add-on authors.

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