Mysterious code ’19790509 ‘in Stuxnet

Stuxnet Virus since last September, has become a hot discussion of computer security experts the world. Stuxnet known to threaten a number of computers in a number of countries, especially Iran.

A computer virus is touted to take over and control the Iranian nuclear project remotely. The virus, called Stuxnet have different levels of sophistication with these other viruses, according to the researchers may be made by an organization that supported by the government of the United States and Israel. Is it true that Israel was behind the virus?.

The mystery of who is behind the development of the virus is gradually revealed. Previously, Frank Rieger Head GSMK technology, encrypted mobile phone maker, indicated the virus codes associated with the Jews. Because it contains a number of codes such as ‘Myrtus’. These words refer to the Book of Esther in the Old Testament story in the scriptures.

Hufftington, Sunday (03/10/2010), launched a report which strengthens the case that Stuxnet indeed associated with Jewish groups. Security research groups from Vancouver, Canada now finds code 19790509 in the language contained in the virus.

Then what is the meaning of that number, according to their number when reversed will indicate a date, ie, 09-05-1979 or May 9, 1979. Date for the Jewish community in Iran is a date that is considered historic.

On that date, the leadership of the Jewish community in Iran as well as prominent Iranian businessman Habib Elghanian, sentenced to death by Iran’s current ruling government.

“On May 9, 1979 is a historic event Habib Elghanian executed by firing squad in Tehran. He was the first Jewish people and encouraging the exodus of 100,000 people were members of the Iranian Jewish community outside the country,” the report said.

Elghanian Iranian government sentenced to death for alleged corruption and alliances with countries that are considered enemies of Iran. Elghaian often make contacts with the Zionist state of Israel.

Until now, this is not yet known if the motive for the attack Stuxnet virus is related to the revenge of the Iranian Jewish community. But investigators strongly suspect the attack associated with it. “This is just speculation,” wrote the researchers report. (Ugo)

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