Open WebOS 1.0 Coming In September

After December 2011, HP announced that its WebOS operating system will be open source, today HP announced the details of when and how the developers will get access to the new operating system code.

Reported by TheVerge on Thursday (Jan 25) the company expects the entire process of open sourcing will be completed in September under the name Open WebOS 1.0, while the application framework code Enyo, the underlying operating system WebOS 3.0 on the TouchPad itself has been released to developers began today.

HP plans to release updates to Open WebOS every month till the next 6-7 months until the operating system will be ready to launch in nine months. Greatest changes in the Open WebOS is using the standard Linux kernel in total, making it much easier to adapt to different hardware.
Open WebOS
In addition WebOS will also use the Apache 2.0 license to facilitate and simplify the development and dissemination to third parties. According to HP, Apache provides a legal framework that balances between innovation and reliable user experience, according to HP’s vision for WebOS.

Open the first WebOS version will be available to developers who are using the HP TouchPad in coming months, while for the user begins to use after its official release. HP also said that the Open WebOS will also be compatible with all devices based on WebOS, including older HP products.

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