Sneak peek Office 15 on Windows 8

Microsoft has just launched a video preview of its Windows 8 ARM promised to be launched later this year. In the video there is also a technical preview of Office 15 applications, namely Word, Excel, Power Point and OneNote that will be in Windows 8.

Although the Office 15 preview shown is the desktop version yet seen a big change in terms of design than previous versions, this application has the feel and the look of Metro. With more white space and fewer lines in an effort to focus more on content. Besides the ‘Ribbon’ which is the typical Microsoft Office is also no longer visible.

So far Microsoft has not provided details of whether Office 15 will be in the bundle together with Windows 8 ARM or included in the Metro user interface optimized for tablets.

Here are some of the views of Word, Excel, Power Point and OneNote in Office 15 preview:

Office 15 preview

One thought on “Sneak peek Office 15 on Windows 8”

  1. It will be interesting to see if the Windows 8 Metro interface sneaks out as more demos are released. If it works as well from desktop to tablet as Microsoft is claiming it will, it could cause some serious waves in the tablet market.

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