James Gosling, the architect of the Java programming language announced that he has joined with Internet giant Google. This news he announced himself through his personal blog.

“I started working on Google today. One of the hardest things in life is to make a decision. I had previously been rejected several good possibilities,” writes Gosling, reported by PCMag as quoted on Tuesday (03/29/2011).

Gosling’s just not mention clearly what its position on Google. Previously, Gosling decided to get out of his old place in the Oracle company. That said, this background of disappointment because Sun Microsystems was bought by Oracle.

Gosling pioneered Java in the early 1990s. Sun Microsystems later publish this technology services since 1995. But then, Sun was acquired by Oracle in 2010.

In Oracle, Gosling worked as Chief Technology Officer, the same position when he worked at Sun Microsystems. Not long after, he decided to leave before finally now joining Google.

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