The easiest DJ software that helps you to mix music, videos and karaoke

cutedj-245x157The program proved extremely interesting by the number of options it offers, especially if you are a professional musician and uses such software to work or something. It also leaves you to make mixture of different music, creating new sounds and even a playlist sequence that will be played at parties. Unfortunately, its flaws are beginning the limitations that were given to the free version, for example, only use the best DJ mixing software 20 minutes every time you install it on your computer. This can be very annoying because not nearly enough time for people to know all its functions. But anyway, if you are already a playmaker of the mix, it’s worth taking a look at everything this software can offer.

CuteDJ will be the best friend of duty and DJs, with an infinite number of options, it will leave the mixing job much easier. We know that when you look at the program’s main screen, you’ll find it a bit confusing, but do not worry, all options are fully explained and we will help you with them.

It is also important to clarify the lightness of the software. Generally, when editing songs, if the computer is not one of the best, you can be sure that it will halt or at least slow down in their features. Well, with the tests that we perform, we do not feel any of this and more: it was very good change editing music without having to wait a thousand years for them to be released.

This confusing interface is actually the best solution so that you understand all your options. It allows you to edit two or more songs at the same time cutting parts and applying effects to a single sound. The tables are divided in the middle of the screen, and can be found very easily. The problem is that the options are duplicated, after all, you must change two sounds at once.

How it works?

The first step to start using the program is: add a song. So after you download and install the software, it’s time to click “Add” and browse the music on your computer. You can also perform this search using the bar that is left of the program. Note that in this bar, there are folders with all HD paths of your machine. Please select the desired sound that all songs will be recognized automatically.

Well, now that the songs are already in the main list software, it’s time to add them to any editing platform. Click the right mouse button on any track, and choose what will be the editing table – A or B. You can change the music at the time you feel like and nothing will stop you from it.

When everything has been selected, it’s time for editing. The simple and basic rule here is: test everything you can. There are many buttons, each bringing a different functionality to the songs that will be edited. Now, something you must know before you leave editing is recording.

After the tracks have been edited and you no longer want to touch anything in the music that was created, we will work in the recording. Note that at the top left there is a “Rec” button. Clicking it you will keep all the music on your computer and still have a format options to choose from. But again, do not forget, before leaving recording music, make all possible tests with the software, you will be surprised by the number of editing possibilities it offers.

Problems with the free version

Every program, when trying to enter the market, offers a test version and it indicates the existence of any limitations. Most of the time are days of use or some options that can not be accessed, but this software they exaggerated and the limitations. Here, and you have trouble hearing the music being played, you still have to run to perform the job of his life in a record time of just 20 minutes. I honestly do not understand why they chose this way of presenting the program, after all, it ends up being more of a “point-movie” than anything I can add some value.

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