Too Much Spam, Google Remove Website With Domain Extension disappearedCALIFORNIA – Google has been removing more than 11 million websites with domain extension of their search results pages, the backgrounds of this action that these sites contains too much spam.

As quoted from The Register, Wednesday, domain is not the official second degree domain such as,, domains are offered independently by the Korean company ( Google itself classify firms as ‘freehost’.

“If we see today many sites on freehost containing spam, or of poor quality,” said Matt Cutts, the Google Web Spam Team.

“To help protect users, recently we modify the malware-scanning systems at Google,” adds Cutts.

According to the latest report from the Anti-Phishing Working Group, host approximately 4963 phishing attacks / spam in the middle of the second half of 2010. claim that they have 11,383,736 registered domain and 5,731,278 user account, making it one of the largest domain in the world, bigger than. Org and. Uk.

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