Top 10 Tools to Free up hard drive space of your Windows or Mac Computer

cleanerIf your computer no longer yields as much as before and has slowly perhaps the problem is the number of files that are in the system without receiving new accesses. To keep your computer optimized and free of these types of “digital junk” there are dozens of applications. We separated some that can help you optimize your PC or Mac; see the list to manage and optimize HDD space.

MacBooster is a mac cleaner software that allows you to make various security tasks, maintenance and cleaning on the Mac. With it you can remove waste, improve performance, increase startup speed and delete files permanently. You can also find duplicate files, remove malware, and free up disk space or computer memory.

Uninstall applications correctly using AppZapper on Mac. With it, any application will leave files or records in the system after they have been deleted, as when simply drag an app to the Recycle Bin. Avoid that the system is heavy with the passing of time.

Find and delete unnecessary files on the hard drive of your Mac using this app which helps in optimization and maintenance of the entire system. The simple and intuitive interface and needs no further explanation, from it you can delete cache files, language files unused, duplicate files, and any file that is not used for a long time among other things.

Glary Utilities
Optimize HD from your PC eliminating invalid entries Windows, duplicate files, plugins, optimizing memory, defragmenting the disk and viewing the remaining space with Glary Utilities.

CCleaner has versions for Mac and Windows. It’s possible to remove the HD a lot of unnecessary files like cache, duplicate files, setup files, history, cookies and a series of data over time end up leaving the slow and cumbersome computer.

The Xleaner is an app that brings together in one place several filters to optimize and clean your hard drive of unnecessary files as invalid registry, temporary files, installers and a dozen other types of data.

The SlimCleaner manage installed apps and optimizes PC HD tools that locate unneeded files to the system and also suggest optimizations to the user in a simple and intuitive interface.

Cloud System Booster
Cloud System Booster is an app that brings together many useful features to your PC as folders migration assistant, HD optimization, scan to eliminate unnecessary files and other resources.

Wise Disk Cleaner
Wise Disk Cleaner is a free app that offers solutions and defragmentation and optimization of HD eliminating unnecessary files keeping your computer free of unnecessary files.

Now simply choose the app you find most suitable for your needs and keep your Mac or PC in day by eliminating everything that is not necessary for its use or for your computer system.

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