UEFI Technology Make Booting Time Just in Seconds Count

Get ready to say goodbye to the BIOS and now welcome his successor, UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface). The new technology is what would reduce the time booting a computer drastically.

Reportedly, UEFI will be invested in the latest generation of computers. With this technology, the computer can be lit only in seconds. Investigate a calibration, UEFI apparently this software is developed from the BIOS as well.

Reported by the Telegraph and quoted on Tuesday (10/05/2010) BIOS technology that is used to boot up the computer since 1979 admittedly slow. This is one reason why the computer takes a long time when first turned on.

Conversely UEFI, specifically designed to meet the needs of modern computer and immediately became the leading technology that is present on many computers. And do not forget, UEFI allows the computer to live and die only a few seconds.

“At this time, takes 25 to 30 seconds to boot before seeing the first bit of the sign on the OS. With UEFI, could more quickly,” said Chief Mark Doran UEFI forum. But unfortunately Doran did not mention how fast it takes.

“This is not the instant-on, but it is far better than the conventional technology that can handle the BIOS,” he added.

It is said by him, UEFI is a system that better able to adapt, to cope with a keyboard and peripherals connected to different ports, and can be used to support the touch screen and the latest generation of gesture interfaces.

The experts predict, will begin to enliven UEFI computer market next year. Yes, it’s no surprise that experts predict will be very interested UEFI. The reason, many computer vendors are working hard to cut the boot time on their computers. One of them is Google, which immediately slid Chrome OS is rumored to be making a computer can be lit in a short time.

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