YouTube Will Start Trials of Live-Streaming Platforms

CALIFORNIA – YouTube has announced that they will start trials of two days of live-streaming of the latest platforms, which allow people to broadcast their live video into a YouTube channel.

YouTube had previously been adding features live video on its website. Previously U2 concert and Indian Premier League cricket matches are broadcast live by Youtube. Now steps have been taken by Youtube, the more distant with the platform that will be able to bring live TV to the Youtube audience, as quoted from Mashable, Monday (09/13/2010).

All it takes people to broadcast live video on Youtube it is a webcam or a camera USB / FireWire, and (of course) the platform that also includes a module to make comments live. YouTube Party said that this new experiment of a ‘test-drive’ which may in the future will see several problems.

For starters, YouTube has brought to this project as the company’s four co-workers, they are: Howcast, Next New Networks, rocketboom and Young Hollywood. The testing platform will be conducted over the next two days, starting at 8 am.

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